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  ADS needs your HELP!  

We are asking for your help raising funds to aid in securing a small business loan, to support the expansion of ADS sample analysis capabilities, and the additional business goals, and the community outreach programs listed below:

  • Laboratory Expansion

  • Expansion of specialty sample analysis (CWA's, Forensics, Environmental, etc.)

  • Implementation of STEM Internship Training Program in collaboration with SDSU-Chem/Biochem Department

  • Promote awareness of the hidden dangers of smoke inhalation

  • Development of the Toxic Blood Gas Analyzer - A medical device for the detection of exposure to various toxic gases

  • FDA approval and market entry for the Cyanalyzer - A medical device for the rapid (>60 seconds) diagnosis of cyanide exposure 

Our fundraising goal is $50,000 and with a little help from everybody, we know that we will succeed. There are 3 ways to to help our small business: 

  • Preorder/purchase ADS branded merchandise.

    • Receive additional giveaway entries with bundled  purchase of merchandise and donations. 

  • Donate to ADS to aid in the growth of a small business and support our community outreach programs.

  • Individuals looking for an investment opportunity are welcome to contact Randy Jackson using the investment form


Please click the link above to view our ADS branded hats, shirts and water bottles. There are a variety of color options for the shirts and hats. Please not that all merchandise is preorder and will have a lead time ranging from 15-30 days.


Please select the link above to see our donation options. All donations received between August 2 and November 31, 2021 are eligible for entries into the Apple Electronics Giveaway, see official rules for more details.

Message to Donors, please note that ADS is considered a for profit business and your donation is not considered tax deductible,

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