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Company History and Goals

In early 2016, Drs. Brian A. Logue and Randy Jackson started Analytical and Diagnostic Solutions (ADS) to bring the only rapid (≤60 s) blood cyanide exposure diagnostic to market. Our expertise and research efforts in the analysis of cyanide and its biological metabolites has yielded an academic prototype and continued grant funded research and development yielded a professional prototype. In August 2021, Dr. Jackson became the sole owner of ADS with intentions of expanding ADS's specialty sample analysis services (i.e., forensics, agriculture, environmental, etc.) and contract/novel research capabilities. The main goals of ADS are 1) the advanced development of a cyanide exposure diagnostic towards obtain FDA approval and market entry, 2) to provide quality in all areas of sample analysis, to include reliable results, and 3) to utilize our Analytical Chemistry expertise to solve real world problems for our clients. 


Our Mission

We strive to provide analytical and diagnostic solutions through use of current analytical technologies and the development of innovative analytical analysis techniques.

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