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Dr. Randy Jackson received his Ph.D. in Chemistry at South Dakota State University.  His research field is focused on analytical chemistry and the development of a field sensor for the rapid detection and diagnosis of cyanide exposure. As a member of Dr. Logue’s research group, he personally developed the laboratory prototype of the Cyanalyzer. During the NIH Funded development of the Cyanalyzer he was the Principle Investigator for the project and has continued to work diligently over the last 10 years to achieve FDA approval and market entry for the Cyanalyzer. Overall, Dr. Jackson has 10 years of analytical chemistry experience and 2 years of experience forensic science. The main goal of his research efforts is to expand the core technology of the Cyanalyzer for the diagnoses of exposure to other toxic gases (i.e., H2S, NH4, etc.) and the broad spectrum analysis of PFAS from water, soil, and sediment. The development of the Cyanalyzer yielded additional experience in electronic circuit design, 3D CAD design, and instrument software development. His wide range of knowledge ranging from instrument development to chemistry allows him to analyze problems from a unique perspective, aiding in the generation of innovative solutions to difficult problems.

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