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Dr. Brian A. Logue received his PhD from Oregon State University in 2000. He then spent four years with the U.S. Army where he was deployed for Operation Enduring Freedom and subsequently directed a research group for the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense. He joined South Dakota State University in 2004 and is currently a Full Professor with over 18 years of analytical chemistry experience. The main goal of his research efforts is to develop novel methods of analysis to diagnose cyanide exposure, evaluate cyanide metabolism, determine novel biomarkers of cyanide exposure, and support the translation of cyanide antidotes. Other areas of his research involve analytical technique development, materials chemistry, and analysis of other analytes, including toxic agents other than cyanide, metabolites, PFAS, pesticides, and opioids. While he has a wealth of experience with biological samples, he also has experience with analysis of environmental samples and food products samples, including drinking water, green tea, and soil. His research team has all of the facilities, equipment, knowledge, skilled personnel, institutional support, and experience to rapidly develop efficient methods of analysis, provide expert analytical consulting, and perform accurate and prompt sample analysis.

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